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About us

Welcome to Black Sorrow, the final form of a lengthy evolution progress spanning over half a decade. Read a brief summary about the journey we've taken below.

Black Sorrows first form came in the style of a goth fashion blog under a different name, created mainly through boredom. After blogging for a while I noticed you could advertise on your blog and make a little bit of money, which seemed cool, so off I went becoming an affiliate for many different companies and advertising for them on my blog. I think by the end of the first year I'd made $0 from this strategy, but in the process had learnt a little bit about building websites.

Black Sorrows second form, after making $0 dollars from advertising but still wanting to make money from blogging I decided to get in touch with some wholesalers. This quickly took off, and before I knew it the blog had been replaced and transformed into a successful alternative and gothic giftware store. While running the giftware store I started stocking items from various big name brands from around the world, some of which sold clothes, so the odd t-shirt was added into the inventory. Over time the clothing side grew just as large as the giftware, so the two "departments" had to be split.

Black Sorrows final form (so far), now officially trading under Black Sorrow and solely selling alternative and gothic clothing, with some lifestyle products. We sell our own handmade clothing aswell as some other brands items on Etsy and here on the website, although a transition to sell items exclusively here on our own platform is in place.

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